Clinic appointment

Miss Choudhury works at a number of different private hospitals in Surrey, which all have fully equipped facilities to meet your needs.

To make a clinic appointment to see Miss Choudhury, please contact the hospital where you wish to be seen and speak with the Outpatient Bookings team (contact) who will be able to confirm a suitable time for your appointment. If you prefer a telephone or video consultation, this is also available; please clarify your request for a remote consultation with the hospital booking team.

When you attend for your appointment, at your chosen hospital, you will be asked to complete or verify your registration form. Please ensure that all your personal contact details including address, phone number and email address are correct, as this is used to communicate your copy of the clinic letter from your consultation to you. Please also check and confirm your GP details and any insurance details.

If you have a referral letter from your GP or other specialist, please bring this with you to your appointment or forward this to Miss Choudhury’s PA by email ( If you have already undergone any tests or investigations at another hospital or with your GP, please bring the medical reports or results with you, to avoid the need for duplicating investigations, where possible.

During your appointment

During your consultation, Miss Choudhury will complete a detailed history from you. She will also perform a clinical examination, which may vary depending on your area of concern. Each individual patient will have different needs and in some cases, you may require additional diagnostic clinic procedures (Please see for more info), to complete the examination, and facilitate a diagnosis.

You may also need further investigations, including hearing tests (audiometry and / or tympanometry), blood tests, allergy tests, X Rays, US, CT or MRI scans. Almost all investigations can be arranged locally within the hospital.

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