Neck & Throat

Neck lumps

Most neck lumps are not worrying but any new neck lump should be seen and assessed promptly. We can often reach a likely diagnosis in clinic with careful examination, and we have access to expert Radiologists for further diagnostics where required. We will be able to assess and diagnose your concerns promptly and advise about any treatment, if needed.

Throat irritation and Globus

Throat irritation symptoms are common and may include a sensation of a lump on the inside of the throat (Globus sensation), or a feeling of dryness, frequent throat clearing or mild soreness. These symptoms can understandably be worrying for patients, and we are able to see and assess you quickly with a careful examination of the inside of the throat and reach a likely diagnosis.

“Excellent communicator… Performed camera investigation during the consultation; Correctly diagnosed the condition and prescribed medicines that have rapidly resolved the distressing symptoms… In my experience, Miss Choudhury is a highly competent professional”

Written by a Private Patient at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

Tonsillectomy surgery and CoblationĀ®

Tonsil conditions are common in both adults and children. If you suffer with frequent bouts of tonsillitis, it can significantly affect your quality of life and result in frequent periods away from work. We can discuss the option of tonsillectomy surgery, if suitable.

Some patients are also aware of recurrent tonsil stones forming, and this can also significantly impact on quality of life; it can result in patients becoming self-conscious, and affect their confidence. Tonsillectomy surgery can also be considered to address this.

Miss Choudhury uses CoblationĀ® technique to perform tonsillectomy surgery, which is more acceptable in terms of reduced pain and bleeding after surgery.

Voice change

Any new ongoing change in voice should be seen and assessed by a specialist. At all our facilities, we have the necessary equipment to examine the voice box using a camera examination, during your clinic appointment. This helps us to reach a likely diagnosis during your initial consultation. If required, we can arrange any further necessary scans or investigations and advise about the best treatment plan for you.