Insurance and Self-funding

Miss Choudhury is recognised, and fee assured by all major medical insurance providers, and is a BUPA Platinum member, accepting Open Referrals approved by your insurer.

If you have medical insurance, we recommend you confirm pre-authorisation with your insurance company before attending any appointments. You should also confirm with your insurance company whether your policy covers some or all of the costs. Depending on your policy terms, there may be an excess or shortfall fee, which is the responsibility of the patient. Once you have confirmed authorisation from your provider to see Miss Choudhury, the outpatient booking team at your chosen hospital will be able to confirm an appointment booking for you at a time of your convenience.

If you are a self-funding patient, we would advise you contact the Self-Funding office at the hospital where you wish to be seen, where they will be able to confirm fees for your consultation and arrange your appointment booking.

Please be advised that if you require any additional clinic procedures during your consultation, these will be charged for as an additional fee to the consultation. Clinic procedures will generate 2 separate additional charges, one from the hospital and one on behalf of Miss Choudhury, in addition to the consultation fee. The hospital fee is for the use of their equipment and is totally separate and additional to Miss Choudhury’s fees. This applies to all insured and self-funding patients. The rates for insured patients have been agreed with the insurers. For transparency, the fees for Miss Choudhury, for self-funding patients including diagnostic clinic procedures, are outlined below:

Initial consultation:£200
Follow up consultation:£150
Microsuction ears: £100
Nasal endoscopy: £200
Nasal cautery: £100
Hearing tests:Please confirm charges with the Audiology team

All invoicing on behalf of Miss Choudhury is processed through Hythehopes Billing Company. Please contact them directly ( if you have any queries regarding your invoice for Miss Choudhury.

Hospital fees for any diagnostic or clinic procedures may vary between different hospital locations. For queries regarding any invoice received from the hospital, please contact the Hospital Business office directly.

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