Thyroid & Parathyroid

Thyroid enlargement, nodules, thyrotoxicosis and thyroid cancer treatment

Thyroid disorders can either effect the function of the thyroid in terms of hormone levels (over or underactive thyroid) or be related to lumps or swelling of the thyroid. Very large thyroids can sometimes cause pressure and effect the breathing or swallowing. Thyroid lumps or nodules are common, particularly in females. Although usually they are not worrying, nodules can sometimes be suspicious. If you have any concerns regarding your thyroid, we are very happy to see and assess you. We work very closely with skilled Radiologists and can arrange scans and biopsies, promptly, if needed.

As a thyroid patient herself, Miss Choudhury is very understanding of how thyroid dysfunction can significantly affect your quality of life. She works closely with expert Endocrinology colleagues and is able to ensure you get the right care and advice.

She is the lead thyroid surgeon in her NHS trust and is considered to be a high-volume thyroid surgeon. She works closely with all her Endocrinology colleagues and runs a specialist monthly Joint Thyroid & Parathyroid clinic with Endocrinology, where complex patients are reviewed together. She is a member of the regional Thyroid Cancer board, and will ensure you are rapidly assessed and treated, if you require surgery.

“I have been lucky enough to have thyroid surgery with Miss Choudhury… I found her to be understanding and approachable… I now have a very neat and tiny scar… Miss Choudhury, the anaesthetist and the entire team could not have been more attentive”

Written by a Private Patient at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

Hyperparathyroidism including Parathyroid adenoma surgery

A high level of calcium in the blood can sometimes be related to an enlarged, over functioning parathyroid gland. This can sometimes be detected by chance on blood tests. Left untreated, it increases the risk of osteoporosis and bony fractures. It also increases the risk of kidney stones for which, Miss Choudhury can arrange a referral to an expert Urologist with specialist expertise in kidney stone treatment.

Hyperparathyroidism can also significantly affect general quality of life, resulting in excessive fatigue and tiredness, aches and pains, low mood, nausea and many other symptoms. If suspected, we can arrange a full complement of investigations needed to confirm the diagnosis and plan treatment.

We work closely with our expert Endocrinology colleagues, who often refer patients with Hyperparathyroid disorder, to Miss Choudhury, for surgery. Miss Choudhury performs all the parathyroid surgery cases at her NHS trust and is considered to be a high-volume parathyroid surgeon.

“Miss Choudhury performed a parathyroidectomy on me… Her reputation went before her and I was relaxed and confident in her care… Extremely satisfied with the treatment and service”

Written by an NHS Patient at East Surrey Hospital

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